John Boyega Set to Star in Pacific Rim 2

John Boyega has joined the cast of Pacific Rim 2 which is also featuring Chinese Actress Jing Tian. John will be playing the son of Idris Elba, who died in the first movie. Steven S. De Knight and Scott Eastwood is directing. The first movie was directed by Guillermo Del Toro and stars Charlie Hunnam, […]

Mel Gibson Hits on Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice not Worth It – Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson has recently shared his feelings about Warner Bros. Superhero movie Batman v Superman. He called it a piece of s**t. The director who spoke his mind at the Venice Film Festival criticized movie studio who spent so much on movies. The director believed movies who are in the range of above $150 million […]


Winners and Losers at The 2016 Summer Box-Office

The 2016 summer box office as expected was filled with highs and lows with Disney making huge bucks thanks to Captain America: Civil War and Finding Dory. Also, horror movies finds its balance again at the box office with some making a surprise to big budget movies. Lets start it off with Captain America: Civil War, which is […]


Mel Gibson Devising ‘Passion of the Christ’ Sequel

Iconic actor and director, Mel Gibson has spilled out details of a possible sequel to “The Passion of the Christ”. The director spoke in an interview with Pastor Greg Laurie during the Social Harvest in California. He said he would love to shoot a sequel to the movie which will focus on the resurrection of […]


Disney Set To Draw The Curtain On Bollywood Production

Disney has confirmed that it will stop making movies in India. This comes as a surprise since the studio has a huge market share in the country. The studio will now focus on distribution of its Hollywood movies in the country. Disney confirmed that it made the move in other to ensure that its goals […]


China Box-Office Bounces Back After Three Month Slump

China box office recovered from its downward trend after a three month slump. This will definitely come as a succor to many in the Chinese industry. Executives within the Chinese Industry will also be happy with this because they were pretty disappointed with the figures been churned out in the months of May, June and […]


Ways to Make Yourself Alluring

Today most people will tell you that to get a woman you need to have loads of cash but most of them forget about the physical traits which is also a plus. Today we present to you the physical traits which women like in a man and how you can use them to become their […]

job interviews

When Your Village People Follows You To A Job Interview

Job interviews we know is a test of your self-confidence and to know if you are suitable for the job. Interviews are conducted to see how prepared you are mentally and to test your knowledge about the company. While some job applicant will excel during the written test they will flop at job interviews due […]