Ways to Make Yourself Alluring

Today most people will tell you that to get a woman you need to have loads of cash but most of them forget about the physical traits which is also a plus. Today we present to you the physical traits which women like in a man and how you can use them to become their […]

job interviews

When Your Village People Follows You To A Job Interview

Job interviews we know is a test of your self-confidence and to know if you are suitable for the job. Interviews are conducted to see how prepared you are mentally and to test your knowledge about the company. While some job applicant will excel during the written test they will flop at job interviews due […]


Lessons To Pick Up From Muhammad Ali

  Muhammad Ali no doubt has left his mark on earth. His death shook the world and accolades keeps coming in hailing his prowess on and off the boxing ring. Here, was a man who believed he was the greatest even when he was infamous and through the years that followed he rose to greatness. […]

Attributes Of Successful People

The only thing that separates successful people from others it’s because of the smart decisions they make. Most people who fail always shows traits of claiming what they are not but by been real to ourselves and approaching our problems with a different perspective we can solve our problems easily. The following qualities are always […]


Business Ideas from Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban with an estimated net worth of $billion is currently one of the most successful basketball club owners. He owns the Dallas Mavericks which runs in heavy bucks into his accounts every year.  Apart from being a basketball owner, he owns Magnolia Pictures, Landmark Theaters and AXS TV. One will find it to believe […]


Stuffs You Notice In Matured Men.

When you reach a certain age you become a goal getter and always be result oriented. You tend to leave your old habit and begin catering for your responsibilities. You also start seeing life differently and your goal is to achieve more with less stress. Today I will be writing on traits real men show […]


The Little Change

So everyday right here in my little town in Africa, I take a jog around my area. There is a playground in the corner of a school. Every time I jog by this school I see this old man sitting at a corner of the playground with a bucket sitting beside him. On this Thursday, […]